Nirmathas Ambience

  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Capital: Tamran (9,730)
  • Notable Settlements:
    • Crossfen (130)
    • Crystalhurst (1,182)
    • Glimmerhold (6,200)
    • Kassen (750)
    • Skelt (5,400)
  • Ruler: Forest Marshal Weslen Gavirk
  • Government: Meritocracy
  • Languages: Common, Varisian
  • Religion: Erastil, Gorum, Iomedae

In war and in everyday life, the people of Nirmathas are fiercely independent, defining themselves largely by opposition to their regimented and bureaucratic former masters in Cheliax and Molthune. Great generosity and charity of spirit abide in Nirmathas, but the ideals of freedom, self-sufficiency, and liberty reign above all else. Even the best ideas are ignored or rejected if they bear the faintest hint of compulsion. To infringe upon individual rights and freedoms is to invite blood feud. The partisans of Nirmathas have learned well how to survive. Whether they can succeed in forming a nation remains to be seen.


During the years of turmoil following the collapse of Cheliax, the governor of Molthune claimed all the Fangwood to the then-current southern border of Lastwall as part of his newly independent nation. Soldiers from the regional capital at Canorate ensured political stability, but the woodsmen, rangers, trappers, artisans, and fisherfolk who depended on the forest’s bounty soon realized that, just as Cheliax had pillaged the region of resources while providing little in return, the new mandates from Canorate were simply changing the f low of exploitation from one city to another. Resentment flared as the promise of a new era collapsed, and what started as a few minor acts of sabotage soon blossomed into a guerrilla war for independence.

Spilled blood and chaos defined the early years of the fledgling nation’s revolt against Molthune, with bands of woodsmen and other irregular troops acting independently. This changed when Irgal Nirmath, a half-elf trapper, united several separate groups into one sizable force. As his victory-count mounted, his legend spread, and Nirmath drew more rebels to the banner of Irgal’s Axe; as his force came to be known, and even Molthuni commanders found themselves respecting his cunning.

After 7 years, a border of sorts solidified, and the rebels declared victory and independence in 4655 ar. Yet on the very night of Nirmath’s triumph, an assassin’s blade took his life. His followers clamored to name their newborn nation Nirmathas in honor of their fallen hero. In the
years since, Molthune has repeatedly invaded its wayward province, and every time, its armies have eventually been forced back across the Marideth River after pyrrhic campaigns against foes who refuse to stand still or stay down.


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