Kassen is a city in stagnation. It was once a thriving metropolis to rival the capital, but during the years of Cheliax domination, the city was heavily used for the navy, and to board soldiers to defend from the threats posed by the border, and the river/lake.

The city is now a small remnant of people dedicated to their sovereignty, and their homes. Life isn’t easy on this river, but that’s the way Kassenians like it.

One of the ways life is complicated in this city is the frequent vagabonds that will show up, cause some ruckus and then leave.


The city has no official government, the old governor Dominic Ochoa who was a very decent man, and soon became a staunch champion for the people of Kassen. The city council is an informal group of the tradesmen of the city, working together to solve the many blockades to their financial stability.

Peace Keeping

One of the things that Dominic Ochoa put in place recently is a peace keeping force he has called the Marshals. His instructions were barked over his shoulder as he walked away. “Don’t bother me with questions, and keep the citizens out of my hair.”

There are roughly four current Marshals, and they have the task of keeping the people safe from outside threats and from each other.


Marshals of Kassen giengus