Dominic Ochoa

Grumpy old man Governor of Kassen


Dominic is often compared to a hunting tiger. He has round coffee-colored eyes. His silky, wavy, salt and pepper hair is worn in a style that reminds you of a rocky outcropping, still thick despite his age. He has a plump build. His skin is cream-colored.

Dominic is a relative new-comer to the city. He was appointed as Governor by Molthune, immediately after they won their sovereignty. Dominic quickly fell in love with the people, and was a fair and easy ruler in a time of great tumult. He was influential in coaxing the city to assist the revolt from the Molthuni regime.

Dominic runs the town’s only inn. A sprawling mansion, testimony to the bygone years of prosperity. Even now that the city is barely keeping the trade they need, the mansion is almost always near to capacity in travelers. Many of these visitors are adventurers.


Dominic Ochoa

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